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Important BBS connection info

Festerwerks races into the 21st century

Sometime during the week of 3/19/2004, FesterWerks will be moving from the 28.8 dialup it has operated on for the last 6 years to a fairly high speed DSL line. (1.5M/256K, although the 1.5M doesn't help you guys)

Check back here as I'll announce when the change has taken place and you'll need to use this info.


The bullet points, because I know nobody will read a paragraph
  • The telnet port will remain 23. (The Standard)
  • Those who connect via the IP address will need to change that to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.
  • Those who connect via fwbbs.egl.net may need to use the IP for a couple days if you can't connect via xxx.xxx.xxx.
  • You may be able to speed that process in 2K/XP by using ipconfig /flushdns from a command line.
  • In the future fwbbs.egl.net will NOT work
  • In the future xxx.xxx.xxx will be the domain name that will point to the BBS.
  • http://www.festerwerks.com/ will continue to work but will be moved 'in-house'.
  • The ANSI newsletter will only point to this page for more info. (I hate updating that damn thing)

Shorter bullet points... HEY!
  • Connect Address: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
  • Connect Port: xx
  • Temp domain: xxx.xxx.xxx
  • Eventual domain: xxx.xxx.xxx

For those with time and interest
For those who may not know, I live out in the pucks... The Boonies, you might say... Imagine my amazement at being able to get DSL after all this time. The wait sucked. Sure, I could have spent a huge amount a month previous, but I couldn't afford that ($2000/MO due to location and wacked phone company).

During the transition from one ISP to another it was my hope was to be able to offer both the dialup connection and the broadband connection for a month or so. The idea being those who hang on the BBS would more than likely log in and have warning of the change.

I've done a lot of configuring and re-configuring my network over the last three weeks. This certainly has been noticed by the InterBBS League players. Part of what I had to do was to reconfigure my internal subnet so it would not conflict with the work when connecting through the VPN... And work already uses 10.* and 192.168.*. This also meant I needed re-configure my development Linux boxes that run on an internal static IP with multiple virtual domains and services.

The problem I've run into is that I can't connect to the BBS through the DSL while the dial-up line is connected. The router, for some reason, attemps to point the request right back to itself, instead of the BBS machine. I'm pretty sure I know what the problem is, but I can't fix it without breaking other things or spending more money.

So, it's one or the other. I hope this goes smoothly. I'm pretty sure there will be delays in league data and my email as the domain changes take effect. I'll be sure to let the leagues know of this possiblity.

Oh, and I'm dealing with a lot of new hardware. I think it will kick ass, but the new system hasn't had much of a workout yet.

Well... Stay tuned for any other info.
This page remains here for historical purposes. There is no longer a functioning BBS
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