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Setting up various Telnet apps for FesterWerks

(These settings will work for most any ANSI BBS on the net)

CommNet 16/32 (Radient Website)
Click the Phone button
Click Add Telnet Entry
Name: FesterWerks
Host Name/IP: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
Port: 23
Click Edit from the Initial Terminal Settings
Under Emulation Type, choose PC ANSI
Uncheck all options
Under 'Backspace Character', choose Control-H
Click OK, then Save
Connect to FesterWerks
Use View/Fonts if you would like to try other fonts.

NetTerm (Neosoft Website)
Click on the Phone Directory icon (a cardfile)
Scroll down to Telnet Default, hilite it and click 'Add'
Hostname: FesterWerks
Host/IP: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
Telnet Port: 23
Emulation: ANSI
Keys: Default
Click Font, choose isi_oem (Adjust font size to your liking, I use 14)
Click Desktop, be sure the following items are selected:
80, Backspace, CR, Elapsed, Block, Starts Text Selection
Rows 24, Columns 80
Click OK, Click Change, Click Connect

HyperTerminal Private Edition (Hilgraeve Website)
On the menu bar, click View->Fonts
Pick Terminal->Regular and choose a size that suits your fancy
(Note, HyperTerminal does not support arrow keys in message editing)

Other Apps/Commercial Packages
As I become more aware of various setup tips, I will pass them on. Most are ready to go out of the box. Use the settings above if you encounter trouble. If all else fails, you could read the manual or help file provided with the program... But only as a last resort.   If you still have trouble LINK TO FEEDBACK FORM, or [C]omment to SysOp on the BBS.

The coolest source for all things WinSock (internet) is http://cws.internet.com/ Stroud's Consummate WinSock Apps List (CWSApps).
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