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Logging in

If you click telnet://xxx.xxx.xxx this link and a program doesn't start, you will need to enter the address manually in your telnet program.

You can enter either of these two addresses.  They both point to the same place:


Both are on port 23 if your program asks for or requires a port number.  This is the default Telnet port and you should not need to worry about it.   For more assistance in configuring your Telnet App, stop by the 'Configuring Telnet Apps for FesterWerks' page for details on setting things up correctly.

If you are a new user, you will be asked a series of questions. Please read each question and display file carefully so you understand the philosopy of the FesterWerks BBS.

Thanks and enjoy!

    Use this generic java terminal program. It's pretty damn good, but not full featured like a true telnet client.
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